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Ellen tells the story of Thanksgiving

Posted on November 22, 2012 by

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends! If you don’t know the history behind the holiday, Ellen did you a total solid by reuniting the famous Ellen Degeneres Show Players who have apparently toured all over the country.

They revealed so many facts they don’t teach you in school. For example, you probably didn’t know the pilgrims were originally going to name the dinner Hooray Buffet before settling on something more “seventeenth century,” or that the pilgrims apparently introduced a new game called cornhole.

In Ellen’s version, the pilgrims have wristwatches and are well acquainted with the intercontinental charm of Sophia Grace and Rosie. What would we do without Ellen’s history lessons?

Watch it here

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2 Responses to “Ellen tells the story of Thanksgiving”

  1. myrna m says:

    i was offended as i am a native indian or first nations i am in canada and the native americans potrayed looked dumb

  2. formerfan says:

    her lack of education shows

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