A sad twist of fate for Obama’s turkey

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I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting very emotional over a couple of turkeys. This week, President Obama carried on the traditional turkey pardoning that happens around Thanksgiving. Each year, the President pardons a turkey so that they can live long and prosper. Aka not end up in our Thanksgiving feasts. This year, Obama pardoned not one but two turkeys named Cobbler and Gobbler so that they could be set free into the wilderness to live out their turkey dreams. But there is a sad part to the story. Brace yourself.

Last year, the President pardoned a poor soul turkey named Peace. The turkey died this week because of a weekend-long illness, which meant she had to be euthanized. Despite this sad news, people can only seem to focus on the controversial aspect to the story. It seems very mysterious to some that Peace would die in the exact same week that her fellow turkeys were pardoned. They’re probably imagining a scene like this:


Whatever the case, it’s sad that one turkey died while the others got to live.

Watch the turkey pardoning here:

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