A look back on Lady Gaga’s best hairstyles

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This week, our queen Lady Gaga posted some Instagram photos of her latest hairstyle. The singer is now sporting long, blonde dreads (and pitch black eyebrows.) While I totally love this courageous look, it makes me quite nostalgic about her past hairstyles. Lady Gaga is what I like to call hairsperation — an inspirational vessel of all things hair-related. She really does give us all that little nudge to say ignore everything and dye ALL the hair!

Here are 5 amazing hairstyles from Gaga’s past:

1. The Bow

This one takes me back to the early days of Gaga. Remember when she used to sport a giant bow made of hair on her head? I still see people copying this classic Gaga look. This is truly where her innovation started to show.

2. The Big Cloud

This is probably my favourite Gaga hair look. A truly beautiful piece of art, Gaga’s hair seamlessly flowed with the lace that was decorated on her face. Gaga wore this to the 2012 Brit Awards where she performed a tribute to her late friend and designer, Alexander McQueen.

3. Pretty in Pink

Although Gaga is no stranger to pink hair, this was probably her best moment. For Flare Magazine, Lady Gaga wore this lovely, spiky pink wig for her beautiful photo shoot. Is it just me, or should she just permanently dye her hair pink?

4. The Hat Hair

Of course she’s like the only person to make the dreaded hat hair acceptable. She took the embarrassing hair flaw to a whole new level with this style.

5. The Telephone Hair

It’s almost impossible to pick a best hairstyle from Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video. It’s clear that she’s a master of sticking inanimate objects in her hair (re: Coke cans), but building an entire telephone out of hair? Genius.

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