Five signs that you’re a hipster on Thanksgiving

Posted on November 22, 2012 by

Let me guess — you probably celebrated your Thanksgiving this year way before anyone else did right? Day-of turkey is just way too mainstream for people who don’t understand the concept of originality. In fact I bet you didn’t eat turkey. It was probably some exotic bird from Never Never Land that found itself sitting on your table. That poor beast was dining amongst hipsters.

Like the people at  Harvard Sailing Team, I’m almost positive some people tried to add a twist to their turkey day like the friends in “Hipster Thanksgiving.” Whether it was changing up the typical turkey and stuffing meal or blasting dinner music from a record player… I know that there were some hipsters out there just waiting to post about their Thanksgiving dinners on their blogs. Which you probably don’t have the link to. They’re probably written under another name anyway.

Here are five signs that you’re a hipster at Thanksgiving.

1. You Instagram your dinner.


2. You engage in deep conversations whilst casually holding a glass of wine.


3. You wear flannel, a cat patterned sweater, or a low-cut Nirvana v-neck. The usual, appropriate Thanksgiving attire.


4. You recite intellectual beat poetry for your friends with a sunset background. On a rooftop.


5. You sniff your drink for 10 minutes only to decide that it is in fact coffee.


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