Why “Inner-City Wizard School” is genius

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“Hogwarts and Clorthos, Clorthos and Hogwarts, the two go hand in hand together,” Parnabus Jackson says in a mockumentary about inner-city wizard schools. I beg to differ. As a certified Potter head, I can guarantee that no school could ever come close to the magic that is Hogwarts. But if Hogwarts were a real-life school (cue the fangirling) what would it look like? According to Key and Peele, it would be full of contraband drugs like Pixie Dust and silencer wands. Really?


In Key and Peele’s mockumentary called “Inner City Wizard School: The state of public magic in America,” Principal Parnabus Jackson takes us on a tour of his wizarding school called Clorthos. Alongside a man who looks suspiciously like Mad Eye Moody, the two attempt to explain the woes of Clorthos to the camera. Along the way, they catch students in illegal duels, and spray painting on walls from beneath their invisibility cloaks. The whole point of the mockucumentary is to illustrate that the school needs more funding — but it just ends up being a total knock-off of Harry Potter and his crew. Although the video might seem totally hilarious to some, it can come off as offensive. Students from real-life inner cities cannot just poof away their worries like the kids at Hogwarts. Perhaps the mockumenrary is just a genius attempt to bring light to that issue. Either way, the actors of Key and Peele do bring up some notable points using clever Potter references. Dumbledore approves.

What I’d like to see is the wizards of Hogwarts and Clorthos trade places. Before we know it, Neville Longbottom will be as high as a golden snitch off of pixie dust. Now that would be something to appropriately laugh at. Oh the ailments of being a young wizard nerd.

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