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Ke$ha made a bra of 1000 teeth from her fans

Posted on November 21, 2012 by

In the singer’s latest weird news, Ke$ha made a bra, a headdress, and a necklace out of her fans’ teeth — 1000 of them. She asked her fans to send their teeth to her, and the response was overwhelming. It must feel nice to know that every morning when Ke$ha slips on her bra, she is thinking of all of her fans. I literally shuddered as I wrote that.

In all seriousness, there has to be a reason Ke$ha did this. Ke$ha has spoken several times about wanting to get closer to her fans and having an immense appreciation for them. I guess she has taken the whole fan-singer relationship to a whole new level.

Ke$ha’s memoir “My Crazy Beautiful Life” came out on Tuesday, promising fans an intimate look into her everyday shenanigans. I really hope there’s an explanation of this odd wardrobe choice somewhere in the depths of her literary genius.

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