10 best photos of the week: Honey Boo Boo garbage art, pandacat and Thanksgiving bingo

Posted on November 21, 2012 by

1. Introducing the panda cat.

Even though he looks totally unimpressed with his life, he should be happy that he’s like the most adorable cat on the planet.

2. No F*cks Given of the Week.

Redditor Jillillac posted this photo of two people suspended in air on a portaledge, which is a device used for long trecks in the mountains. No big deal, just casually sleeping in midair.

3. The best/worst photoshop job.

Aberguine posted this super corny photoshop job that looks similar to that wolves-howling-at-the-moon t-shirt. It’s kind of creepy, but camels howling at the moon is my new fave thing.

4. Honey Boo Boo garbage art.

Here comes 25 pounds of glory. An artist named Jason Mecier uploaded this piece of Honey Boo Boo art which he made out of 25 pounds of garbage. It could possibly be a comment on how “garbage” some reality tv is, but I doubt that since Honey Boo Boo is pure gold.

5. Pugs galore!

“Pugs! They’re everywhere!”

6. Childhood ruined.

Umm this is a little bit of a morbid twist on my childhood. The best part is that the driver of the hearse has a vibrant pink streak in her hair. Clearly channeling her inner Barbz.

7. The most obvious fortune cookie.

Not sure if this is brilliant or just a sneaky ploy to get people to buy more fortune cookies.

8. Taylor Swift goes grunge.

Apparently this look was for a new music video of Taylor Swift’s. Kind of reminds me of Dianna Agron in Glee. Also reminds me of Kurt Cobain (and that reeeally scares me).

9. Chris Colfer being cute, as usual.

Chris Colfer looks totally adorbz in this shot from an upcoming episode of Glee. It kind of makes me want to go out and buy a pair of skates — that way if I gracefully fall on my bum, at least I can land like this.

10. Thanksgiving bingo.

This is possibly the most depressing (yet true) version of Bingo. “I’m thankful for…uh…” is a classic.

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