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Worst rap battle in history?

Posted on November 20, 2012 by

This clip from the 1989 movie Teen Witch features, quite possibly, the worst rap battle in history. While it’s undeniably the worst it’s also the absolute BEST thing ever.

Louise and her BFF Polly are biking when they run into a couple “funky” teens attempting to be all swag by rapping a diddy called “Top That” with the help of a boombox. Polly wishes she could be as cool as them so her magic friend secretly gives her the power of rapping. Her curly-haired friend then manages to serve the trio of no-good ruffians with her own unique strain of crap.

I also must point out that 1989 is the year I was born, so I can attribute much of my awesomeness to the state of film during my birth year.

Watch it here 

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