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Tumblr Tuesday: AMAs, Liam’s tattoos, holiday goodies and more

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You’re coming with me mom! 

Justin Bieber took home all three of his nominations at the American Music Awards Sunday night: Pop/Rock Male, Pop/Rock Album for Believe and Artist of the Year. He decided to bring up the most important woman in his life, his momma Pattie Mallette. Easy on the arms Justin, we know you’ve been working out and everything but she’s so fragile! Congrats! [christmaslove]

Story of my life

If you’re someone like me, I spend practically 90 percent of my money on concert tickets. It’s quite sad when you think about it, but hey, it’s spent on my idol and I’m never gonna forget it. Did you hear ANDPOP is giving away tickets to see Justin Bieber on his Believe Tour in Toronto Dec. 1? Make sure you enter before it’s too late! Good Luck. [opparr]

Always picking on Nath..

Sure Nathan may be the youngest member of The Wanted, but he proved himself in their newest music video, “I Found You.” I’m just waiting for the day he can sucker punch one of them just for the hell of it. I’m sure they won’t take it so harshly anyways. All the guys have great personalities! [redvelvetlipsbreakingallrules]

Rice krispies to the next level 

Let’s be real, who doesn’t like a yummy winter treat? Instead of making the plain old square rice krispies, turn it into a little snowman and decorate it with candy or chocolate of your choice. It doesn’t get any better than that. [under-the-m1stletoe]

The cure to all problems

There’s one lyrical genius who can turn any situation upside down, and help you feel like you’re in a happy place again. Some call him “Ginger Jesus,” but Ed Sheeran is definitely one to look out for. He’ll be touring alongside Taylor Swift on ‘The Red Tour’ starting next year.  [sup-maggie]

Which young celebrity couples do you miss?

Remember your preteen years when Zanessa was all anyone ever cared about. Then came Jelena and and reports recently came out that it is dunzo. Not gunna lie, I’m pretty happy about that. Now Justin can be the flirtatious self he once was with tweets such as, “single and ready to mingle.” Can’t wait to see what his next album will be like, potential songs about breakups maybe? [madeofstarlight]

Liam showing off the tats

If there’s one thing I know about One Direction member Liam Payne, it’s that he always seems to make time for his fans on web chats. I guess he’s a bit rebellious mentioning, “My mom is not happy about this…” [threesomewithzaynandlouis]

Sucks to be Kim K, or does it?

Are you a teen? This blog is just for you!

We all know Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of horrible relationships — who could forget about her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries. Having a relationship with another celeb must be stressful. If you were famous, would you go for someone in or out of the industry? [myteenquote]

Don’t believe everything you hear

kitty yolo by ?- - -kara- - - on Flickr.

Sure the term “YOLO” has been overused in multiple situations, but life is different if you’re a cat. [splendidgeek]


Carrie Underwood won Country Album with Blown Away at the American Music Awards Sunday night. Before heading up on stage, she paused to pass her NHL hubby Mike Fisher her clutch.  [messupmybed]

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