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“Fag Pimp” Russell Brand takes on two members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Posted on November 20, 2012 by

Russell Brand took on two anti-gay members of the Westboro Baptist Church on his talk show BrandX and managed to soldier on through all the nasty comments they had about “Hell-bound heathens.

Convert Steve Drain and founder Fred Phelps’ son Timothy presented Brand right away with a sign that said “Pimp Fag Brand,” before attempting to explain themselves in front of an unforgiving audience. Brand actually handled what seemed like a doomed-to-fail discussion pretty well, in one of the few instances the Internet is patting him on the back and saying “hoorah!”

Brand argued his points eloquently without getting angry — though he did make it personal when he brought out three of his gay friends. Go Russell!

Watch it here

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