Weird News : Professional condom testers, pelicans get private flight, teen sleeps for days and more

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Condom Testers wanted

Well this is a nice way to recruit prostitutes… An add in the Chinese version of Craigslist, was looking for women to test out condoms. How would they test out the condoms? Exactly how you think, having sex to figure out their effectiveness. All the while, getting paid to do so. Naturally, after a few days, the add was pulled because this is clearly not okay. Although, the heading for the add is pretty awesome. Go what it takes to be an official condom tester? LOL

Two pelicans get private flight home

Hurricane Sandy destroyed a lot of homes and the coastal cities, but it also disrupted the flights of a couple pelican’s just trying to fly around their respective habitats in Florida and North Carolina. Believed to be dead, the pelicans got caught up in the storm and showed up in New Jersey. Once they were located, they were flown back to Florida to get back to their normal lives. I wish I could get a free flight home from the government, not fair.

Sleeping your life away

We’ve all wanted to sleep for days at one time or another, but after reading about this girl, I take it back. Nicole Delian, 17, has a rare disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome which means she needs about 18 hours of sleep per day. She has slept sometimes up to 64 days straight! Even missing Christmas! Remember this next time you think you want to sleep for days.

Talk about having beef

Apparently, some of the neighbours cows came over and started eating all of Justin DeLoach’s horse feed. That was enough to make DeLoach, 23, so angry that he shot six cows in the face. Like the cows knew they were trespassing… ┬áHe was charged with second degree felony of killing or aggravative abuse of horse or cattle. Someone’s got beef.

Belly button ring rescue

This is my nightmare. A woman was swimming at a public pool when her belly button ring got caught on a pool drain. The fire department was called in to rescue her. Luckily the drain was in swallow water, but the pool had to be drained in order to get the ring out of the drain. That’s pretty embarrassing, at least it wasn’t a tongue ring…

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