How to get out of the FREAKIN friend zone

Posted on November 19, 2012 by

Full time model and part time YouTuber  reports from that dreaded relationship void called “The Friend Zone.” Or “The Friend FREAKIN Zone” if you want to be more accurate. After years of observation and a night consulting a team of Canadian cheerleaders, he gathered substantial evidence to let you know when you’re in the zone.

More importantly, he lets you know how a small percentage of guys can escape the friend zone. It’s very tough (probably one in 10 make it out alive) but his correspondents shared a lot of useful advice that I happen to agree with. Basically, you have to distance yourself and while you’re apart do super kickass stuff like working out and getting your career together (aka just do you). You’ll be irresistible the next time you see your “friend.”

Have you ever been friend-zoned? How did you get out?

Watch it here

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