The Best GIFS from One Direction’s Behind the Scenes video for ‘Little Things’

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We fell in love when we heard the boys of 1D sing their latest single ‘Little Things.’  But it was kind of strange to see them acting more serious than their usual playful and silly selves.

Thankfully for us, there’s a new clip for that.  Documenting a behind the scenes look of the boys shooting the video for their latest single ‘Little Things’, we’re treated to play fights, funny faces and even some awkward instrument playing.

Here are some of my favourite moments made into GIFS.  Enjoy!

Niall playing the guitar

In this shot, Niall is mysterious and brooding.  Totally unlike his usually cheerful and adorable self.  He just looks so vulnerable. Let me HUG HIM. (potadodoniall-1d)

Harry on the other hand…

Sorry, Harry.  I don’t think ‘Little Things’ is quite like  ‘I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night.’

Harry makes a silly face

I don’t know what you are doing Harry, but whatever you’re doing with your eyes…it’s creeping me out. (daddy-directioner-hates-spoons)

Zayn…are you okay? 

I’m sure this is self-explanatory…but Zayn, your face here is priceless. (potadodoniall-1d)

Liam and Niall fight

I have no idea what prompted these two to fight.  But please play nice… (x1dmaniaxx)

And for good measure…

No explanations needed. Just enjoy. (moawidfelt)

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