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Rachel and Kurt Return to Glee’ McKinley for “Glease”

Posted on November 16, 2012 by

By Kelly O’Brien

Kitty and Cassandra are out for blood and New Direction’s young and old have reunited for McKinley’s production of Grease.

Glease is the word – It’s show time for the glee kids and that means a visit from the original New Directions. After Unique is forced to drop out, Santana steps in to play Rizzo, and Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel all head home to show their support for their friends. The only face missing was Puckerman’s (Noah that is), and it was truly missed.

The claws are out – A big show means big pressure, not just for Marley but for Rachel too.  She scores an amazing audition, but Cassandra July is back and bitchy as ever. Kitty is still out for Marley and will do whatever it takes to ruin her performance, and Cassandra beds the bodacious beefcake Brody to get under Rachel’s skin. I do feel bad for Rachel, but if love were based on abs Brody and Cassandra would be a match made in heaven.

Marley’s on a diet – Thanks to Kitty’ handiwork, Marley thinks she’s gaining weight and will do anything to avoid the fat gene that clearly runs in her family. Kitty convinces her to binge and purge, but luckily Ryder is able to talk some sense into her. With his help Marley puts on an amaze-balls performance as Sandy, and – new couple alert!!! – gets an unscripted kiss! Myder, Rydley, whatever it is, it’s on. 

Finn proves himself – It’s Mr. Schuester’s last week before leaving McKinley, and Finn has to prove to pretty much everyone that he can get the New Directions to sectionals. He’s fighting fire on all sides, but in the end pulls of an awesome show. While he has won over he glee kids, it’s going to take a lot more to win over Sue (if she can even be won over at all).

You can’t go home – Grease was a great opening for the new New Directions, and gave some closure to the old. While Tina and Mike and Santana and Brittany all seem to be on good terms, the same can’t be said of Finn and Rachel and Blaine and Kurt. Neither couple can put aside what put them apart, and with nothing left to tie them there, McKinley is no longer home for the New Yorkers.

Best Performance: “You’re the One that I Want,” covered by pretty much everyone on the show. So happy to see all my glee favourites on one stage!

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