Little kid tries to say “we’re trucking” and fails

Posted on November 16, 2012 by

Soo I had a few blunders back in the day back when I was a kid, but none even remotely as funny as this. In a video called “We’re trucking!” an uncle video tapes himself and his family members yelling the phrase “we’re trucking!” The only problem is that the kid slightly messes up…. just slightly.

In the video description, says, “ooo, I’m a bad uncle but I had to upload these seven priceless seconds of YouTube gold. Within moments of this being shot, the driver (father) had to pull over to wipe the tears from his eyes.”

Um, thatianbloke, you are far from a bad uncle. In fact you’re probably the coolest dude on the planet for bursting into fits of what has to be the most contagious laugh ever.

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