Haunted toaster makes satanic breakfast

Posted on November 16, 2012 by

Oh Satan, always getting in the way of a balanced meal. In this hilarious (emphasis on hilarious) Today Show interview circa 1984, a woman stresses about her haunted toaster. The woman shows the camera a piece of toast with the words “Satan Lives” carved very angrily into the bread’s crispy flesh, claiming it was the haunted toaster’s doing. I can’t make this sh*t up.

The video is just too perfect to even describe and it literally made my morning to see such an epic news report. The best part is when the Haunted Toaster is set on fire right before the cameras eyes. I wonder if toaster exorcisms exist.

“When all is said and done, it makes good toast,” the woman said in her concluding thoughts. The taste of Satanic bread over anything.

Watch the video here:

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