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Three performances you need to see from X-Factor’s Diva Week

Posted on November 15, 2012 by

By Jessica Galang

Last week for the first time in television history, singers were ranked based on their popularity, with Cece Frey coming in last and Tate Stevens at number one. With these rankings made public, the pressure was on for contestants like Arin Ray and Paige Thomas, who are falling behind.

This week was “Divas Week,” which will probably end up being one of the most favoured weeks of the season. Who can argue with a group of talented singers paying homage to some of the best songs of the twentieth century?

Here are my top three picks for this episode:

Fifth Harmony – “Hero” by Mariah Carey

With a name much better than 1432, Fifth Harmony rocked one of Carey’s best songs. Fifth Harmony doesn’t use dancers like the other contestants seemed to have done at least once. They play the “innocent girls just here to sing, not dance” persona really well. While LA thought they struggled a little at the beginning, they found their voice later on.

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

[Insert obligatory Titanic joke here] Carly Rose, keeping with her popularity streak and love from judges since day one, carried this song with what seemed to be no effort. Her vintage gown was perfect for the haunting, ghostly feel of the melody. I forgot she’s 13-years-old because of the control she has over her audience. Her judge, Britney Spears, definitely has a competitive edge thanks to her. “I don’t believe you’re a human being. Because you can’t do that at 13,” Simon said in awe.

Vino Alan – “Let’s Stay Together” by Tina Turner

This song proved to me why Vino Alan is third most popular. His confident persona shineed throughout this performance; his strong voice did justice to a very sexy and sensual song, and he maintained a good stage presence by getting the audience to clap along. As Twitter user and singer @PiaToscano said, “Obsessed with @vinoalan from #xfactor!! Guy is amazing – nothing boring about that performance – STAR”

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One response to “Three performances you need to see from X-Factor’s Diva Week”

  1. Jimmy Mackey says:

    Diamond and Arin were two of the worst singers that night and I expect they will be on the bottom; we’ll find out tonight though. I agree with your picks for the best performances, only I would have included Jennel Garica’s “Proud Mary.” After all, Tina is the “true” diva. My DISH coworker loves this show like I do too and he’s always asking me about what I thought of the recent show. I like TV a lot more now though since I get more TV rather than commercials with Auto Hop from DISH Network. Don’t get me wrong, some of them can be quite funny, but when I watch commercial free because Auto Hop automatically skips the commercials from the beginning of the show, I can fit in another show that evening.

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