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One Direction gets felt up by fangirls on Ellen

Posted on November 15, 2012 by

One Direction got felt up by some INCREDIBLY LUCKY fans on¬†Ellen yesterday in what I’m sure was one of the most seductive prime time television games the guys have ever played. Three fans were blindfolded and told to identify certain members of the band by fondling them all over (well, PG fondling).

Naturally, prankster Niall managed to get one of the ladies to grope his arse while he was straddling Harry’s back, and strangely, none of this sounds out of character.

All three ladies got iPads for playing but that really doesn’t compare to getting a hug from the one and only Harry ¬†Styles… and feeling Niall’s toosh.

The guys also talked about their dating lives and confirmed who’s single. Harry, Niall and the recently broken up Liam are all ready to mingle, and described their perfect ladies. Niall is looking for an American cutey with a sense of humor and Harry is looking for someone funny like Ellen (though she seemed to be more into Niall).

Of course, they also performed their classic “What Makes You Beautiful” for the 5000-strong crowd, some of which were sitting on rooftops of nearby buildings.

Watch it here

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