Obama’s fave band Two Door Cinema Club acoustify “Sleep Alone”

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Barack Obama’s fave band Two Door Cinema Club performed an acoustic version of “Sleep Alone” for ANDPOP and talked about all the mundane things that excite them in North America.

It’s no surprise they spend more time over here than anywhere else in the world, considering how crazy we are about them. Even the Pres is a huge fan of the Northern Irish trio. There were rumours a couple months ago that Obama booked every seat for one of their gigs in Washington DC and although it wasn’t true, we’d believe it!

“We actually spend more time in America than anywhere else in the world,” said bass player Kevin Baird.

“It was exciting to come over to the States for the first time,” said vocalist Alex Trimble. “Seeing all the stuff that we’d grown up with in movies — you know day to day things that no one else is excited about — like a yellow school bus. We don’t have those. Stuff like that was really exciting at the time because for us. That’s the stuff from movies.”
“Sleep Alone” is the first single off their new record Beacon, which came out in September. The track served as a bridge track between Beacon and their debut studio album Tourist History, as it transitions into their new sound.
Watch the interview here

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