It’s 1991 and parents are flipping out over Nintendo

Posted on November 15, 2012 by

Alert the media: Nintendo can be bad for your kids. Actually, don’t alert the media or else they might make a super cheesy newscast like this. This newsreel, circa 1991, shows how anxious parents were about letting their kids play with the new Nintendo video games. “I’m going to say no,” one mom says when asked if she’ll buy her child a Nintendo game. “I’m going to explain to him how people market things to make you spend more money.”


No kidding! Thank goodness I was born a bit too late in order for this parental face palm moment to pass. However, I am a bit cheesed that I missed out on such glorious news reports. Jam packed with bad graphics and old time Nintendo sounds, the news report actually turns out to be unintentionally bad ass. “The company promises better pictures, sound and adventure,” reporter Kent Shocknek says just in time for what has to be the corniest display of graphics I’ve ever seen.

Watch the video here:

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