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Awful “It’s Thanksgiving” singer performs on Access Hollywood

Posted on November 15, 2012 by

Nicole Westbrook performed her truly atrocious, over-produced song “It’s Thanksgiving” on Access Hollywood, gaining her another 15 2:30 minutes of anti-fame. While I don’t completely understand parents paying for their bratty kids to create silly, over-priced tracks by ARK Music, I’m not going to argue against it — do what you do. However, singing the song live for a few minutes of fame seems to send the message that you really don’t need talent to get a bit of attention.

Going on Access Hollywood is OBVS something a seventh grader would get excited about but something about the whole thing bothers me. Ultimately Nicole and ARK alum Rebecca Black are just having a bit of fun but the one really cashing in is Patrice Wilson, the mastermind behind it who knows he can capitalize off people making fun of these cheesy videos.

Watch it here

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