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10 celebrity endorsements we wish were real

Posted on November 15, 2012 by

Demi Lovato for Brow Enhancers 

Why it would work: Have you seen this girl’s brows lately? Whatever The X-Factor host is doing is working for her because her brows suddenly look as thick and luscious as Lily Collins.

Tagline: “For brows as thick as the Taman Negara jungle but as tame as Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.”

Taylor Swift for You Belong With Donuts 

Why it would work: An obvious choice considering how much she: 1. Tweets photos of cupcake parties. 2. Instagrams photos of pastries. 3. Includes food in her music videos.

Tagline: “It’s a love story.”

Justin Bieber for Hipster Suspenders

Why it would work: Justin Bieber loves low-riding pants but when you’ve got a slew of fangirls following you around wanting to pinch the old toosh, it can be a problem.

Tagline: “My low-riding pants were verging on hoodlum-territory. With suspenders, they’re just hipster!”

Kesha for Cock Pop Vibrators

Why it would work: Kesha is dating a vibrator, didn’t you know? Since she’s so chummy with sex toys, why not represent them? She tweeted the above photo a couple months ago with the caption: “my new bf is doing an interview.”

Tagline: “Your love is my drug.”

Katy Perry for Teenage Dream Braces

Why it would work: So many teens are self conscious about their braces. But Katy Perry ALMOST made them cool again in her video “Last Friday Night.”

Tagline: “All your teenage dreams will come true.”

James Franco for Body Pillows


Why it would work: Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to a nice, body-length pillow of James Franco? What you choose to do with said pillow is your own business (cringe) but the Franco pillow would be a nice cuddle buddy for sleepyheads.

Tag line: “Sweet dreams are made of Franco.”

Carly Rae Jepsen for Call Me Maybe Cell Phones


Why it would work: Literally everyone would trade their phones for a cell straight out of Carly Rae Jepsen’s world. The singer’s hit “Call Me Maybe” is practically calling (hehe) for an endorsement.

Tag line: “Call Me Maybe or call me not… my phone is still better than yours.”

Ryan Gosling for Notebooks

Why it Would Work: We all needed a place to write down Mrs. Gosling over and over again, after this hunk Ryan Gosling starred in The Notebook. It would also be a nice place to collect our tears as they fall from the realization that Ryan Gosling will never be ours.

Tag line: Hey babe, had a bad day? Write it down in the book.

Beyonce for Bootylicious butt pads

Why it would work: Nobody, and I mean nobody, could ever come close to having the glory that it Beyonce’s butt. However, if the star came out with her own line of Beyonce Bootylicious butt pads, we could all dance confidently with the same booty shakes as Bey.

Tag line: Are you ready for this jelly?

Andrew Garfield for a Movember grooming kit

Why it would work: Andrew Garfield has been sporting what is quite possibly the winner of Best Facial Hair for Movember lately. A groomer endorsed by Garfield would have guys everywhere participating in the worthy cause for men’s health.

Tag line: Never let me groom.

By Brittany Mahaney and Nadya Domingo 

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