10 best photos of the week: Obama dancing on pizza, Harry legs, and Liam Payne meets Jay-Z.

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1. Obama’s head on a woman’s body whilst dancing on pizza. Just take that in.


The “no f*cks given” face on Obama is priceless. And now I’m really hungry after watching the spinning pizza.

2. Taking hipster to a whole new level.

Taking your laptop to the park is one thing, but a typewriter? Who are you impressing?!

3. A kind stranger and a dry car.

If a stranger ever did this for me, my soul would be warmed for an eternity.

4. Harry legs.

This is so punny it hurts my soul. So many Harrys.

5. The best air-guitaring Cat ever.


Gusto NYC found this little guy freaking out over nothing. So he gave him a guitar.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja pizza.

I think Wiz Khalifa would appreciate this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shaped pizza. Personally, I would be too scared to eat it because it would ruin its perfection.

7. WTF popcorn

Never. Eating. Popcorn. Again.

8. Professor Funny Guy

If my prof ever pulled something like this, I would probably bust out in the middle of an exam and giggle. Then probably fail.

9.The Hobbit balloon house win

Balloon Guy posted this epic photo of a Hobbit home recreation. Let’s hope no one takes a needle into the Shire…

10. Liam Payne and Jay-Z meet. Swoon.

I’m almost positive that Liam Payne and Jay-Z in the same vicinity is the equivalent to my heart imploding from the amount of cuteness.

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