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Wiz Khalifa gets nostalgic about DMX and Ninja Turtles

Posted on November 14, 2012 by

The first album Wiz Khalifa ever bought with his own money was DMX’s single “Get At Me Dog,” which is pretty trippy considering the Pittsburgh rapper has since toured with X for Rock the Bells and his fiance Amber Rose has a soft spot for the guy.

Wiz was growing up in Pittsburgh and had to save up for the album, which included the clean, regular and instrumental versions as well as “Stop Being Greedy” on the B-side.

“I was doing chores at the time,” Wiz told ANDPOP. “I was in second or third grade probably and had $10. There was this place called Edgewood Towne Centre right up the street from where I lived on the East side of town so I had to walk all the way up the street, all the way up the hill. I got the the Towne Centre, looked at everything and for some reason DMX stood out so I was like ‘I’ll get that one,’ and I loved it.”

Wiz also opened up about getting crazy sh*t stuck up his nose and first learning about doggy-style as a “crazy little man” for an episode of “Way Back When.” Naturally, this resulted in obligatory talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because (duh) Wiz is OBSESSED with the art of ninjutsu.

“I loved the ninja turtles because they were cool, they talked like I wanted to talk, they kicked butt, they ate pizza and they skateboarded,” he said. “They were teenagers who beat ass but they were just super cool.”
Watch the full interview below

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