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Twilight troll rips book in front of fangirls

Posted on November 14, 2012 by

“Joe Goes” comedian took on Twilight fans camped outside Nokia Theatre for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and did all sorts of blasphemous stuff, like ripping the novel and calling the movie horrible.

“Spoiler alert, it sucks,” he told one fan about the film. While some of the fans reacted with gaping mouths and sharp intakes of breath, one girl gave him a noogie. But that reaction is only expected when a Twilight hater starts talking about Dune and Lord of the Rings.

The Matt Friedman-directed clip might make you worry for the next generation. While I love Twilight as much as the next person, these fans take it to the next level! Still, we all have to fangirl for something, right? The movie will be in theatres on Nov. 16.

Watch it here

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