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Twilight for math nerds is really scientific

Posted on November 14, 2012 by

I’ve read all The Twilight Saga books and seen the movies like a regular fangirl, but I still understand how it’s perfectly mockable. The movie’s awkward line delivery, excessive staring contests, creepy storylines and off camera drama make it perfect material for parodies and sketch comedies.

If you break the movie down into pie charts and graphs like this math nerd , it suddenly becomes even more laughable. The motivational speaker and best-selling author analyzed everything measurable in the Twilight world — LOLs, quality of life, Jacob’s abs, Twilight pedophiles and Stephanie Meyer’s hourly wage (he comes up with $750 million per HOUR!).

While it’s completely unscientific, I think he makes some good points — particularly when comparing Bella to other girls. While 99 percent of girls would probably get a restraining order if they caught a guy watching them sleep, romantic Bella decides to marry the dude.

Watch it here

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