Meet Maximus Thor, the six-year-old gangster

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Meet Maximus Thor. He’s probably the most badass six-year-old I’ve seen, though he gets a little help from his father. First of all, naming his son Maximus Thor should be added to The Book of Good Parenting and second he made his son an Internet star.

His dad Benjamin Barack writes grown up scripts with a kiddy-twist and has his son act out the scenes. Then he dubs over his son’s voice to make it sound like he’s some 20-something-year-old bro. In one of the video’s trending on Reddit, Maximus  grubs up before his playdate with Samantha but feels disrespected when 1. The McDonad’s employee talks to Banjo (his dad) instead of Maximus and 2. When he finds out they don’t have any boy toys left for the Happy Meals.

Watch it here

In another hilarious video, Maximus seems to be some sort of mafia leader trying to deal with the fallout of a job gone wrong. With the potential of jail time, finding nazi-gold might have to be put on the back-burner.

Watch it here

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