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Lindsay Lohan’s 1950s film “The Canyons” looks like a parody

Posted on November 14, 2012 by

The trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new movie The Canyons almost seems like a parody, in both good and bad ways. It pokes fun at the movie’s writer Bret Easton Ellis, calling him a “Twitter-obsessed author” and brags about the “never-nominated director.” The black and white teaser also plays off the real lives of Lohan and co-star James Deen, who previously worked in porn, referring to them as sensuous and potent.

Poking fun at the movie is a smart idea to move past all the real life personal drama weighing the movie down. However, they revealed so little about the plot that it’s hard to tell what it’s actually about. The noir film from director Paul Scrader chronicles a sexy woman (Lohan) torn between two lovers. It explores the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition among young people circa 2012.

Still, as an old-movie junkie I appreciate their homage to 1950s films. Plus, the mystery surrounding the plot is a welcome change from trailers that reveal everything in three minutes.
The movie does not currently have a release date.
Watch it here

Check out the first two trailers below

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