“In the Club Tonight” is the most stereotypical club banger ever

Posted on November 14, 2012 by

Aaand here’s yet another song to get stuck in your head for the next few days weeks. But this time around, it’s a song that’s actually mocking those “catchy” tunes that plague our minds day in and out. You know the type — the awful, made-for-the-club songs that have zero substance.

In the Club Tonight” features the funny guys of The Axis of Awesome ripping apart club songs that have very little meaning or musical talent. The guys are dressed to the nines in the video, fist pumping to their sad-yet-true lyrics. “It’s easy to remember and it’s easy to learn. That’s why people call it catchy when they mean that it’s terrible,” says one member in the song. Sadly, this line rings very true for so many poorly produced songs. Hopefully, “In the Club Tonight” (even the title is a stereotype) will inspire club go-ers to request better music.

Watch the video here:

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