Ellen talks to Rihanna’s “her” in a hilarious interview

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Last year, Rihanna graced the Ellen DeGeneres Show with her presence to talk about boys and her um… “her.” In the hilarious interview, Rihanna explains that her “her” just wasn’t getting any, even though she was granted the title Sexiest Woman Alive. The singer came back to The Ellen Show with an update on her situation. “She” is doing just fine.

In the interview, Ellen leans in to Rihanna and screams the words “good for you! I’m so happy for you.” I’m happy too, because now she can visit the Ellen Show more frequently for updates on her life. Just kidding, but these Rihanna interviews are always promising.

Besides discussing Rihanna’s “her,” Ellen quizzed the singer on who she would rather date. In a choice between George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Rihanna contemplated furiously. Finally she concluded, “you think about it and then you look at Brad Pitt and it’s like ‘damn.'” Sucks to be George Clooney.

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Who would you rather?

Dating and kids

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