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Guess who prank makes strangers feel guilty

Posted on November 13, 2012 by

‘s Andrew Hales latest prank involved going up to random strangers on his university’s campus, covering their eyes and telling them to “guess who.” Even after many of them admitted to not knowing who the hell he was, he kept insisting they met a couple weeks ago.

While many of the ladies were quite positive they still had no idea who he was, some of the guys were all: “Oh yeah, I know you from somewhere, where do you I know you from?”

Considering a few people are starting to recognize him from his other pranks, he’ll have to start pranking a whole new campus soon (he often goes to Brigham Young University and Utah Valley). In the past, Hales has pranked people by by pretending to steal their cell phones¬†and telling corny jokes to complete strangers.

Watch it here

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