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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles HAIM, a three-piece female rock band from Los Angeles, California.

There are lots of great things about the 80s: leggings, neon, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the launching of MTV. Another great thing: that 1980s sound. Luckily, HAIM, which is made up of three fashionable sisters in their 20s, brings an unmistakably 80s vibe to their music. HAIM has been making waves in the music world with their nu-folk, rock and R&B inspired sound since the release of their debut EP Forever in February. Don’t miss their new track, “Send Me Down” which came out yesterday.

Origins: Los Angeles, California

Band members: Este Haim (bassist), Alana Haim (guitar, keys, maracas), Danielle Haim (lead guitar)

Known for: The girls are known for their laid-back California girl fashion sensibilities and eclectic sound

Used in a sentence: It only takes one listen, and you’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album.

File next to: Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush

Download now: “Forever”

Five fun facts:
1. The girls spent 15 years rocking out in the classic rock cover band Rockinhaim with their parents.
2. Danielle has worked with Cee-Lo Green, Julian Casablancas, and Jenny Lewis.

3. The girls first held drum sticks when they were 3 months old, courtesy of their father.
4. Este has a music degree.
5. Este is the oldest, Danielle is the middle child and Alana is the youngest.

2007 The ladies spread their wings and played their first show without their parents
2012 They released their debut three-song EP Forever gaining coverage in T Magazine and Vogue
2012 HAIM went on tour with Mumford & Sons
Yesterday they released their newest track, “Send Me Down”

Notable lyrics:

In “Forever” HAIM sing about the end of a relationship.

Hey you! /Remember me? /Remember love? /Remember trying to stay together? /My time, you took it all. /You tried to see. /You tried to bring yourself up without involving me. /It isn’t fair,
to have your way, /to try and get up and go and na na na na/now can’t you see, /it isn’t fair to have your way, /but i’m trying to get your attention and i need you to know that. /Hey you! Hey you! /Can’t you make this thing? /I know, I know, I know you ain’t the one to play the game./ Now I know I’m gonna go your way. /Here we go, now I know, I know know know

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