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Andrew Garfield dances badly for charity

Posted on November 13, 2012 by

The suddenly bearded Andrew Garfield went on  where he was cajoled into dancing badly for charity, and I have to say, he’s the best worst dancer I’ve seen. Andrew had to attempt every dance style Ellen held up on flashcards and for each one he performed correctly, $1000 was donated to Worldwide Orphan’s Foundation. How can you say no to such a worthwhile cause?

Styles included Gangnam Style, the robot, belly-dancing and the Irish jig. He managed to get all of them correct and although he ran out of time, he convinced Ellen to keep going, eventually earning the full $10,000.

The Amazing Spider-Man actor was quite proud of his beard, saying it only took him 29-years to grow. Ellen responded: “I guess it’s a big deal, like men want to know they can grow a beard.” Andrew replied, saying: ‘That’s the only reason to be a man.”

While Ellen tried to get him to talk about his girlfriend and former co-star Emma Stone, he dodged the questions, opting instead to talk about Denis Leary.

Watch it here:

Talking about his beard and Emma Stone

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