Weird News: Priest fight, trampoline dodgeball, dead man mistaken for mannequin and more

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Admit it, we’ve all been there — looking for the perfect parking spot, then BAM! someone else takes it. That seems to be what caused a violent brawl between two priests in Australia. Father Thomas Henry Byrne, 80, started the fight where he actually ended up biting off the other priest’s ear. Father Thomas Joseph Cameron Smith, 81, drove to the hospital where he was taken into surgery to repair his ear. Did these priests not read the 10 commandments? Aren’t they supposed to be kind towards others? I never thought I’d ever write about 80-year-old priests fighting. What is happening in this world!

The coolest sport ever

I thought I loved Dodgeball, but this is actually the best thing I’ve ever seen! Rick Platt created Ultimate Trampoline Dodgeball. The floors and walls are covered in trampolines so you can literally ‘Matrix,” your way out of potential hits from the enemy team. The first ever tournament was held this week in Los Angeles, and I’m kind of upset I wasn’t in it. Watch the video below, it speaks for itself.

Man mistakes dead man for a mannequin

A mail carrier in Denver, was delivering mail when we noticed what he thought was a mannequin on a front porch. He just played it off as nothing, left the mail, and continued on his route. Later, it was found that it was actually the body of a dead man. The mail carrier thought, being so close to halloween, that it was just a decoration. I don’t know about you, but, I’m pretty sure I would be able to tell the difference between a human and a mannequin. Unless it was Quentin Tarantino’s house I guess….

Worst parking ticket ever

I’m probably the most notorious parking ticket receiver ever, and I still argue my case when I’m wrong. This incident make me so mad! Mike Kang, the business owner of a Midas in Ottawa, got a parking ticket while parked in the parking lot of his own business! Too make matters more frustrating, the reason says he was parked on the sidewalk. The street his business is located on, it under construction and there are no sidewalks! This makes me so mad I want to type on CAPS LOCK!


So we are obsessed with stopping bullying, yet in Ohio, that is really exactly what the police are doing. A woman made the mistake of passing a school bus on the sidewalk, multiple times, and was finally filmed doing it. Police fined her $250 dollars and suspended her license for 30 days, but also added something odd to her punishment. She has to stand on the sidewalk for two days, an hour a day, and wear a sign saying: “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Is it just me, or is this bullying? I mean, sure she did something dumb, but is this suitable punishment?

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