Psy gets nostalgic at Oxford University

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Psy got super nostalgic speaking at Oxford University last Wednesday, speaking about how he got his start in music. When he was 15 he saw video footage of Queen at Wembley Stadium singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and was completely shocked at how it combined rock, opera and ballads. Upon graduating he went to the U.S for school and started making music… admittedly just to meet girls.

The “Gangnam Style” Korean singer made his speech to the 89-year-old Oxford Union Club at the university. He was mobbed by screaming fans when he arrived in Britain from France on Wednesday for his three day visit.

While we’re not sure how Psy relates to the debate society, his inspiring speech will surely motivate them to kick major ass. The best advice he gave? One of the things that sets him apart from his fellow artists is his humorous and accessible dance moves. While most artists implement complex choreography into their routines, people saw Psy’s dance moves and thought “Wow, I can do that!” He also wanted to keep his music and choreography humorous because the world was going through a tough time economically. “I tried my best to be as ridiculous as possible,” he said.

I think he totally nailed it: People love his music because it makes them feel happy and they love his dance moves in because it feels interactive.

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