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Gay men will marry your girlfriends

Posted on November 12, 2012 by

CollegeHumor supports gay marriage and you should too. Even though it’s a moral and civil right there are still some narrow-minded people who fight against the cause, believing marriage should strictly be between a man and a woman.

Well, these men have a message for you. If you keep marriage between a man and woman then they’ll play within your rules and will marry your girlfriend.

Think about it: They’ll go to the gym together and get Pinkberry as a reward. He’s the shoulder your girlfriend cries on when you’re a total jackass

“If you stay closed minded about this, we will take one for the team and marry the crap out of them,” says one guy. “So don’t make us marry your girlfriends. Support gay marriage.”

Watch it here

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One response to “Gay men will marry your girlfriends”

  1. That was AMAZING! So funny, yet totally doable if people don’t smarten up. 🙂

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