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A simple answer to why MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore

Posted on November 12, 2012 by

In this instalment of “Ask A Network Head,” Natalie asks the “head of programming at MTV” why they stopped playing music videos and started playing superficial reality shows like “Teen Mom” and “Cribs” instead. The answer is simple. It’s her f*cking fault!! Well, not just her — it’s her entire generation.

The very people from her generation who loved those music videos also decided to steal music online, making videos more worthless than ever before. It’s ironic that the very people complaining about “the new MTV” are the same people who indirectly destroyed it. The video features comedians Brian and Maria, who post their videos to   on YouTube.

Do you agree with them?

Watch it here

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2 Responses to “A simple answer to why MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore”

  1. Patches O'Hoolihan says:

    If I have to choose between free music and not watching MTV anymore… well free music is cool with me

  2. Teb says:

    added point, mtvasia does all sorts of music video shows, along side the reality tv shows, the scheduling on mtvasia was pretty cool, a little of those reality tv shows(cause someone somewhere must like them) and top 10 [new, rock, pop, etc] music videos mixed in

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