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Nicholas Hoult is a Zombie falling in love in Warm Bodies

Posted on November 10, 2012 by

Zombies aren’t the heartless creatures you think they are.  Because in the case of upcoming film Warm Bodies, Nicholas Hoult plays one falling in love.

Based on Isaac Marion’s book of the same name, Warm Bodies follows R (Hoult), a zombie who eats human brains to feed on their memories.  But after feeding on his latest prey, he finds himself falling in love with the victim’s girlfriend (Teresa Palmer).

It’s strange to see a zombie movie getting a romantic twist when most films about the walking dead are gory and terrifying.  But as Warm Bodies attempts to add some depth to who zombies really are, the film might actually prove that they have desires and fears like any human as well.

While this movie is slated to release on Feb. 1, 2013, it’s already being compared to the Twilight series.  But after watching the trailer, I personally think this film is a lot more different than it sounds.

Watch the trailer below:

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