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Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love video features a sad cupid

Posted on November 10, 2012 by

The final single off Ed Sheeran’s debut album ‘+’ finally has a music video.  But before you go and watch it, you better bring some tissues.

Fresh off from penning One Direction’s latest single ‘Little Things’ , “Give Me Love” tells the story of not falling in love, but love lost.  Featuring a sad and lonely angel played by Australian actress Isabel Lucas, the video has her playing cupid, shooting arrows at random people to make them fall in love.

While Sheeran doesn’t appear much in the music video, fans will be glad to see him sitting in a cafe drinking coffee as Lucas’ character looks at him sadly.  While I’m not entirely sure what all of this means, my guess is that Lucas’ character is in love with the singer but isn’t able to get him.

It’s a dark and artistic video by Sheeran, who’s previously featured Rupert Grint as his impersonator in the music video for ‘Lego House.’ But considering the melancholy tone of the song, I think this piece is lovely yet tragically romantic.

Watch the video here:  

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