Rihanna’s “Diamonds” video focuses on raw emotion

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Rihanna’s new video “Diamonds” is more about raw emotion and visuals rather than a tangible plot. The singer is stripped of a fanciful wardrobe and dramatic makeup so we can focus on the power of the scenes unfolding around her. She rolls and smokes a cigarette filled with diamonds before the walls literally start falling around her.

The Anthony Mandler-directed video transitions between colour and black and white scenes of her floating in water, desperately running away from something (though we don’t know what), hanging out with a black stallion and witnessing violent scenes of war. It’s clearly stacked with symbolism, though it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers other commenters.

Rihanna told MTV the visuals were very important to the story. “With ‘Diamonds,’ it was just a series of vignettes that we put together to help get the emotion across throughout the song ’cause the song changes and it builds, and there’s no real way that you could do that,” she explained. “You just want people to feel that and I wanted little cutaways of interactions that would give you the right emotion.”

“Diamonds” will be on her forthcoming album¬†Unapologetic,¬†out Nov. 19. And don’t forget to enter our Rihanna contest, ending Nov. 14.

Watch the video here

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