Rebecca Black has some competition

Posted on November 9, 2012 by

A new music video called “It’s Thanksgiving” was released yesterday from ARK Music Factory by one Nicole Westbrook, whose song is so cheesy it reaches Rebecca Black territory…. meme territory. She will be a gif.

Oh wait! She already is:

The song is basically the holiday-edition of “Friday,” which makes sense considering it comes from Patrice Wilson, the same guy who did Black’s 2011 ARK Music Factory song. We know he’s just banking off the tackiness at this point but I hope Westbrook has the strength to withstand catty Internet commenters. Westbrook’s auto-tuning isn’t as terrible as Black’s, but the lyrics and music video are on par — just wait until she starts singing with the turkey drumstick.

Next, I’d love to see a Christmas edition duet with Westbrook and Black. Let’s make it happen!

Watch it here

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