Russell Brand’s audition tape for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is pure gold

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Ever wonder how Russell Brand scored the role of Aldous Snow in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall?” I’ve often pondered this, fretted even, over how such a wild-eyed and sassy comedian could land such a gig. After seeing his audition tape, it’s clear that he deserved it. The Casting Factory released footage of Brand’s audition tape, which shows the actor being instructed on what to do. He is told that he must convince his “girlfriend” to go horseback riding with him. This is followed by majestic (and slightly sensual?) horse calls, and “jokes” about horseback riding being better than sex.

It’s safe to say that Brand landed the role — duh. But did he deserve it? I don’t know anyone else brave enough to make those horse-like mating calls in front of a room of strangers, so the answer is yes.

Watch the audition tape here:

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