Lana Del Rey is a candy-coloured angel in her video “Bel Air”

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When we last heard from Lana Del Rey, she was killing dudes in the middle of no where for her “Ride” video. Now, her new video for “Bel Air” shows an angelic Del Rey standing in the midst of candy-coloured clouds. It’s a drastic contrast, but I really like it. The artistic video shows a rather sad looking Lana glancing up at the camera, paired with slow-mo hair flips. It sounds really boring, but something tells me the video is a bit more symbolic then it comes off at first.

Though Lana is doing next to nothing in the video, the colour changes definitely mean something. After several clips of yellows, blues, greens, and pinks, Del Rey is seen in black and white. The artsy part of my soul is sounding the alarm here. Whatever the video means, it’s very pretty. I’m also digging the fact that she’s totally channeling Wendy Darling from “Peter Pan” in that white nightgown. Maybe I’m reading in to the video too much.


Watch “Bel Air” here:

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