Ke$ha is a sexy cult leader in “Die Young” video

Posted on November 8, 2012 by

In Ke$ha’s new music video “Die Young” she plays a sexy cult goddess leading a hedonistic tribe of sex-crazed ruffians at the end of the world. It there’s one thing the leather-clad vagabonds like more than group makeup sessions with their fierce leader, it’s pentagrams. Lots and lots of pentagrams, a symbol for anything from religion to occult beliefs.

Ke$ha is carried from their getaway car (a Hearst) to an abandoned church in Mexico where they engage in SALACIOUSNESS, even though the rest of the world is flipping out about the apocalypse.

“Everybody else is kind of scared and hiding and we are running around like wild people, making out with each other and taking over a small border town in Mexico,” she told Capital FM. “The federalis are after us because we’re so wild!”

The new video can only be called tres “Ke$ha.” Would you join her cult?

Watch it here

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