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Five reasons why your boyfriend shouldn’t do your makeup

Posted on November 8, 2012 by

Need a reason why your boyfriend shouldn’t do your makeup? We’ll give you five.

I’ve been investigating the “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” tag on YouTube and realized how truly awful about 90 percent of the end results look. Dark crimson lipstick smeared across the upper lip; liquid mascara drawn with the left hand; blush on the forehead. It’s terrifying.

If you’re a makeup aficionado with a willing boyfriend who can’t handle a mascara wand to save his life, we beg you to upload your own tutorial too.

Watch them here

Fashion Rocks My Socks

‘ Rhiannon Ashlee had her boyfriend Doug do her makeup while he was visiting for the weekend. I had high hopes because his hair is so perfectly coiffed but unfortunately he fell short, especially when it came to blending and highlighting.

Jenna Marbles

 couldn’t stop making fun of her adorable boyfriend of four years Max while he was doing her makeup. She’s one ballsy chick for allowing him to handle the eyeliner while getting drunk. He gets extra points for attempting false lashes but lost them for attempting to put glue directly on her lid.

That Jenny Bee

Considering ‘s boyfriend Thomas thought the lash curler was a torture device, I’m surprised he did such a good job. Moderation is key gentlemen. He definitely has the best look of the five.

Louna’s Tutorials

‘s boyfriend was extra bold by attempting to mix colours together. We like where his head was at though we’re confused by the dot on her forehead. He dubbed it the “Make Louna Look Less Shit” look.

Latoya Forever

‘s boyfriend was super confident, even claiming she looked like Cleopatra midway through his makeup session. Unfortunately he went a little too far with the lip liner and pink neon eye shadow. When she finally saw her look she claimed she looked like a cheap whore but he was still impressed with himself.

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