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10 best photos of the week: Niall Horan and a puppy, Ryan Gosling’s twin, and more.

Posted on November 8, 2012 by

1. Showering for dummies

“Have you been imagining cool things to say for a long time?” Embarrassingly true. But I think they forgot reciting the entire score of Rent


I legitimately cried from laughter when I saw this. If I walked into my room to see my cat making this face, I’d probably snap a photo too. The question is, what are they looking at on the computer? Hmm..

3. Is this guy single?

Apparently a Ryan Gosling-Steve Carell hybrid exists. This is the best day ever.

4. Beyonce has a message for Romney…

Beyonce posted this punny picture on her tumblr a few days ago. We got the message Bey, you’re Team Obama.

5. Harry Potter and Hermione reunion

I dressed up as Hermione for four consecutive years of my life. Not once did this happen. If Emma Watson ever recognized my Halloween costume, I would probably combust out of pure joy.

6. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle


eBoy made this eye-catching “wigglegram” to capture the chaos of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Oooh.

7. Lucky us, ScarJo

Scarlett Johansson debuted this tattoo that reads “lucky you.” This is definitely a tattoo I want to hear the story behind.

8.The safest place on earth?

Aww, this little guy looks so warm and cozy. I hope he isn’t dinner.

9.Why hello there, cutie

The picture speaks for itself.

10. Niall Horan and a puppy. I can’t.

Niall Horan + puppies = the most adorable thing to grace my unworthy eyes. The guys of One Direction all posed with puppies for Wonderland Magazine’s November issue. Niall’s is the cutest, in my humble opinion.

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