Romney won for this stripper turned Internet star

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Trisha Paytas got such a poor reception after her YouTube declaration in support of Mitt Romney you might wonder why she bothered uploading another political-themed video. Of course, you can’t discourage a Republican with such unbridled enthusiasm (even after a loss) and little knowledge U.S. politics to infect the Internet.

In the video, the stripper turned Internet star explains how Romney still WON in her world because he’s way hotter and richer than Obama. You could even call her a #groupie4lyfe.

“Congratulations to all of you who wanted him to win,” she said to Obama supporters. “Now you can all go have frivolous sex over the next four years and take birth control and have abortions and YAY!”

Considering her former profession you’d think she’d understand the importance of protection for any unintended dangerous situations but that’s a whole other debate. She went one step further and implied everyone watching her video would hate it because they’re clearly all unemployed Obama supporters on welfare (Romney supporters are too busy with their important jobs to watch her videos).

In the end there’s no use getting upset over such an asinine video except if you think about the people who take it seriously. Plus, according to Paytas, the world is going to end in December just like the Mayans predicted so we won’t have to put up with her YouTube channel much longer.

Watch it here

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