Romney sings concession speech to assure you he’s still filthy rich

Posted on November 7, 2012 by

While Barack Obama was having Hammertime last night Mitt Romney broke out a surprisingly chipper song. Remember guys! Even though he didn’t win, he’s still FILTHY RICH!! He won’t get the power he so craved, but he’ll always have his beautiful voice and fat bank account.   edited Romney in this hypothetical speech in which he congratulates President Obama on his victory.

He sings: “I never really wanted that low wage “president” job to taint my career/ Besides, who on Earth could possibly get by on 400,000 dollars a year?/ Now that I’m done pretending to have fun spending time with the plebeians/ My speaking fee will multiply by three – so if you ask me, we won!”

So if you’re worrying about him being out of a job and being struck with poverty like a lot of other people in the world then fear not, he’s probably being served freshly prepared breakfast on silver plates while reading an ironed out copy of The New York Times. 

Watch it here

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