Best Dressed: Carrie Underwood, Miranda Kerr, Rita Ora and more

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Miranda Kerr

What she’s wearing: Kerr was spotted arriving to her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show rehearsal in NYC in a heather grey wool coat and matching sheer top, a peekaboo blue blouse, black leather short shorts, embroidered Isabel Marant Betty ankle boots, and a Givenchy Antigona bag.

Why we love it: I love how she takes her outfit to the next level by matching her heather grey coat to her heather grey top. Also any look that keeps on giving the more you look at it is A+ in my books – her blink or you might not see blue blouse and black bra are subtle details that add to this ensemble. The black leather shorts break up all the grey and add some much needed fabric variety.

Takeaway: Some people forget to realize that your jacket can really enhance your outfit underneath and vice versa. Sometimes we use jackets as a stand-alone look separate from the clothes they cover underneath and that can be a real shame if you spent so much time putting your outfit together only to cover it up with a jacket.

Carrie Underwood

What she’s wearing: This Alice + Olivia gold sequin boatneck flare dress was one of 12 dresses Underwood changed into to host the Country Music Awards.

Why we love it: Not only is that a lot of costume changes but it seems inevitable that she was would wind up on this list since the odds were ever in her favour. This number stood out from the rest due to its flared silhouette. I also like how she mixes metals (a sleek gold sequin top and silver Jerome C. Rousseau sandals) with the white cupcake tiered skirt.

Takeaway: Mixing metals can be tough but it helps when you use one metallic colour as an accent colour minimizing its effect on the overall look. It also helps to have a neutral colour to break up the metallics  (and mainly because metallics and bold colours usually don’t mix).

Rita Ora

What she’s wearing: The U.K. singer stepped out in London in a sleek black leather dress, over-the-knee zip up leather boots, and an oversized trench coat with floral lining.

Why we love it: There’s no denying Ora got some funky style but lately she’s been really stepping up her game. However Ora is still keeping it edgy but with a high fashion twist. This is a lot of leather but it works for her and also because the silhouette is not overtly dominatrix but pretty conservative despite its leather fabric. Ora’s coat might seem a tad too big for her but there’s been a trend of celebrities rocking oversized coats, also wearing your coat like a cape seems pretty popular too. The coat also adds a pop of color since its lined with a floral fabric.

Takeaway: Leather has returned as an on-trend fabric. We haven’t really seen a full leather look until now but most celebrities have been rocking pieces of leather in their outfits like shorts and skirts. Leather clothing can be quite expensive, so make sure whatever leather item piece you buy is versatile enough to work with the clothes already  in your closet.

Robert Pattinson

What he’s wearing: Pattinson was snapped in an Alexander McQueen baseball jacket and simple white tee and blue jeans on his way to late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Why we love it: A white t-shirt and blue jeans are a classic staple for any guy’s wardrobe. So while Pattinson looks laid-back he still seems put together. But what’s notable is his baseball jacket, a popular item on the 2013 Spring/Summer runways. The popularity of varsity jackets (or lettermen’s jackets) have paved the way for more sportier type clothing like the baseball jacket.

Takeaway: Sports apparel is working its way into a fashion trend so if you wanna rep your favourite team then its now the perfect fashion opportunity to do so. But be careful since a lot of sports apparel tend to be oversized and baggy, make sure you wear something that’s more tailored to your body so to keep it fashionable and modern.

Solange Knowles

What she’s wearing: Knowles was a special guest DJ for the opening of a new H&M store in Mexico City, where she obviously wore full H&M wear: a yellow geometric print blouse with a matching print pencil skirt.

Why we love it: While this may be too busy and too much yellow print for some people, this look fits perfectly into Solange’s wheelhouse. The mixing of prints works in this case because its colour-blocked so you can still make out the shapes in her body. She adds a pop of much needed purple with her Fendi sandals.

Takeaway: Mixing prints is tough but if you do it in a form fitting way you can pull it off because the shape of your body still comes through in the silhouette. If you wore something baggier and loose it would just look like you swam in a sea of printed fabrics. So mix prints like you would colour-block, to highlight and separate different parts of your body.

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