A literal look at the Iron Man 3 trailer

Posted on November 7, 2012 by

Imagine if movie trailers were accompanied by a guy singing what’s happening on the screen? Now imagine that with the already-epic Iron Man 3 trailer. Tobuscus made “Literal Iron Man 3 Trailer” showing off his pipes in a literal rendition of the trailer. As superhero Iron Man weaves his way through the perils of his life, Tobuscus never fails to make a dark situation just a liiittle bit funny. He even points out that Iron Man just wants to play with his toys.

Here are 3 more trailers I think Tobuscus should cover — literally:

1. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Really, how can you let this trailer go un-literal’d?

2. Great Gatsby

The amount of visuals in this trailer are just begging to be accompanied by Tobuscus’ awesome voice.

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Maybe Tobuscus can use his super sweet voice to make this dark topic a bit happy? Maybe.

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